Welcome to langlois4music. A consulting structure based primarily in France and Europe for:

Artists, Ensembles

& companies, Museums



was created around

was created

around 5 lines

of work

5 lines of work


Advice on artistic development and production

National and international partnerships; Taking into account the artistic perimeters and production lines of the partners.


Advice on tour organization in France and Europe

Long-term international partnerships. Increased presence in the field for the constitution or reinforcement of a network in France and Europe (contacts & sales); Artistic reflections and organization of a strategy for a reinforced international presence; Organization of a go-between of cultural identities.


Work as ambassador and intermediary

To better represent the artist: Not be an outside agent, but be part of the company or group; Nurturing a close, regular relationship with the artist in a suitable companionship as close as possible to the artistic concerns; An artisanal work to better address the singularity of each approach.


Today: Presence on social networks

The general policy of active and proactive presence on social networks; Advice and support in the implementation of a general information policy on social networks; Active and reactive strategy; Webmaster: definition of the adapted job profile; Technical implementation support and monitoring of the teams.


The drafting of studies and reports

On economic models and the organization of cultural institutions with a view to healthy and sustainable development.

Equi Voci – Danser Debussy Ravel / Thierry De Mey

La Mer – création 4ème film – Novembre 2021
Klara Festival – Brussels 2017

The diary of one who disappeared

Directed by Ivo Van Hove

Opéra de Rouen - January 2002

Le Chant de la Terre

Directed by Joshi Oïda

B’Rock Orchestra Ghent

BL!NDMAN [sax]

Eric Sleichim founder of BL!NDMAN;
Pieter Pellens /Hendrik Pellens/Piet Rebel/Sebastiaan Cooman – musicians



Directed by Jorge Léon / Music Eva Reiter played by Ictus Ensemble

Till it’s over / SKaGeN Cie - Antwerpen

Museum installation with Richard Jackson


Le Raz de Marée / SKaGeN Cie

With Clara van den Broek / Text Paul Verrept



Directed by Jean Lacornerie with Claron McFadden

langlois4music is an independent structure that serves as a professional and organizational framework to build a platform for exchanges, reflection, advice, and sharing of best practices in France and all over Europe and work with and for artists, ensembles, companies, museums, and collectives. In Europe, the media coverage and the organization of performing arts projects have totally changed in recent years. Find out more